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Ready to try the most durable aisle marking tape on the planet? Free samples of Superior Mark are available.

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Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tape


We are experts in industrial floor marking solutions that enhance workplace safety, visual organization, and control traffic. We manufacture Superior Mark floor tape which features a patent pending design with beveled edges, recessed adhesive, and a quick pull liner. Superior Mark is a heavy duty floor tape designed to withstand abuse from heavy traffic like forklifts and other indoor vehicles. We also offer a variety of self adhesive floor signs, and make custom floor signs as well.

See our full selection of aisle marking tapes. We also have a great selection of self adhesive floor signs.

Aisle marking tapes are a better way to mark industrial floors than painting. Every section of the floor has different needs according to the amount of traffic it experiences. Let us help you custom select your aisle marking tape for optimal results. With our selection of over 300 aisle marking tapes, we'll have something for every facility. Our aisle marking tapes last longer and cost less over the long term.

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Aisle Marking Tape Selection and Usage

The marking of aisles and passageways on industrial floors is an important element of any such work location that places importance on organization and the welfare of its workers. Clearly, a bare floor does not accomplish anything other than provide a huge, cluttered space for pallets, containers and various types of equipment to be strewn about haphazardly, creating all sorts of problems. The main concern is that people and mobile machines, such as forklifts, may be left with no space at all in some cases to reach the areas that they are supposed to, because someone decided to leave a large pile of goods in the only path to that location. The utter chaos that can ensue with no boundaries or parameters marked out for guidance leaves a hapless manager wondering how to avoid this sort of dilemma. Fortunately, these days, there are plenty of available tools on the market to make the proper arrangements for a well-structured industrial workplace. One such instrument, aisle marking tape, is widely regarded as perhaps the best option around, though this of course is dependent on the type of tape that you purchase.

The cheapest brand of aisle marking tape that you can buy is made of vinyl and has an adhesive backing of moderate strength, which is perhaps sufficient for smooth surfaces of locations that do not expect to see much more than moderate human traffic. Stronger than ordinary masking or duct tape, vinyl aisle marking tape will be up to the task if all you need is to make sure that workers are aware of which direction to take in a large facility. If you anticipate moving pallets of several hundred pounds in weight trampling over the lines with the help of equally heavy forklifts, though, you may wish to consider picking another grade of tape for your purposes, one that is not so easily rended or worn out. Some brands of better aisle marking tape include Last Mark and Superior Mark tape, which are reinforced and far less susceptible to being wrecked by the passing of machinery. In particular, Superior Mark tape is thinner than conventional marking tape, but actually tougher, and has an adhesive that peels off without leaving residue, but stays on reliably otherwise. Last Mark is a little rougher and thicker, but it does come with a polyester textile fiber along the length of the tape which keeps it from stretching, and in turn, tearing.

OSHA guidelines for aisle marking vary depending on the purpose for which the aisle is intended. For instance, aisles inside storage rooms that contain flammable and combustible liquids should at least be three feet wide. Emergency exit access passages should be at least 28 inches in width. For other aisle types, there is no particular measurable requirement, but the general rule is that the aisle should provide sufficient safe clearances for mechanical equipment that may pass through the area. Certainly, aisles that are meant for forklift traffic are expected to be much wider than those intended only for pedestrians.

Please note that orders under $100 will have a $15 handling fee added to shipping costs at checkout.

To get a copy of our case study, Click HERE to download.

Floor Marking Tape Case Study - An infographic by the team at InSite Solutions, LLC

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Aisle Marking Tapes come in a variety of grades, sizes, colors, and patterns. This page is under construction, and we will soon be uploading information about how to choose the best aisle marking tape for your floor. We carry a large selection of the best aisle marking tapes on the market. The most durable aisle marking tape is Superior Mark, which is the best option for areas with heavy traffic. We offer free samples of all of our aisle marking tapes.

Aisle Marking Tape