Recycled Plastic Lumber

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Recycled plastic lumber is a sensible choice for applications like load bearing, deck construction, playgrounds and more. This eco-friendly, UV-proof material is clean, nontoxic and nonporous, so it's resistant to moisture and chemical damage, fading, splintering and cracking, insect damage and graffiti impairment. While plastic lumber has specific construction guidelines, most jobs can be completed using traditional tools. Popular projects include recycled plastic retaining walls and decks made with recycled plastic floor boards. Shop our selection of recycled plastic furniture if you're looking for pieces that are pre-constructed.

We carry recycled plastic lumber by top manufacturers like Select, Fiberforce and Barforce. We also offer both white and black recycled sheet plastic that can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to plywood. Plastic lumber can be ordered in many of the same sizes and cuts as traditional lumber, including 2-inch by 4-inch plastic lumber boards and 4-inch round plastic lumber. Stop-Painting's Select and Fiberforce plastic lumber is available in 14 UV-resistant colors, including black, brown, cedar, red, tan and yellow.