5S Action Kit

5S Action Kit
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5S Action Kit is an innovative, hands on exercise. It facilitates team building as it walks participants through the 5S principles. The participants will learn by doing. Step by step, team members become familiar with 5S; yet more importantly, they take 5S concepts and apply them directly to the exercise. Easily upgradeable to accommodate larger groups this kit works in conjunction with our 5S Solution package. It includes a flash presentation to facilitate the exercise, a facilitator guide to assist the trainer through the exercise, and comes packaged in a handsome heavy duty messenger bag for easy transport.

Included in the 5S Action Kit:

  • 1 - Facilitator Guide with CD Presentation
  • 2 - Tool Kits
  • 2 - Stop watches
  • 3 - Pads of Post-it notes
  • 1 - Package of markers for the game
  • 1 - 5S Evaluation Review From (Audit Form)
  • 50 - Red Tags

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