Black 2-inch Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This black 2-inch gaffer tape is great for use on sets and performance stages where it needs to blend.

Our Beveled Edge Black Gaffer Tape comes in a variety of sizes and rolls, including our thin 2” width floor tape. When you need to secure something safely on a black stage floor, this gaffer tape will get the job done with impressive durability.

Why is Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape Better?

Patented and designed to be effective in industrial settings, Beveled Edge Black Gaffer Tape is the best adhesive floor tape you’ll find to resist pulling or tearing by equipment or heavy foot traffic. And, when you do need to take it up, it doesn’t leave a gunky, sticky residue on the stage. If you need durable, thick black 2-inch gaffer tape, this is the best product for stage, studio or set productions.