Black Gaffer Tape - 4" x 100' - Beveled Edge


Our black gaffer tape is great for marking stage floors while blending in seamlessly.

This Beveled Edge Black Gaffer Tape comes in a 4" width and is perfect for keeping your stage floors marked. As most stage floors are black, our 4" black gaffer tape blends in seamlessly to keep your scene uncluttered by visual impediments or scene markings. This black gaffer tape is durable and has an overhanging liner that makes it really easy to apply.

Black Gaffer Tape with Beveled Edge is Better

Our Beveled Edge 4" Black Gaffer Tape is better than competing gaffer tapes. This superior gaffer tape is patented and designed to withstand traffic in an industrial setting and will outlast competing tapes in any production setting. Our floor tape is popular among set dressers because it doesn't leave a gunky residue when pulled up and can be easily moved as set changes prescribe.