Blue 2" Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


When you need your gaffer tape to stand out a bit, our Beveled Edge Blue 2" Gaffer Tape is a great solution.

While our Black Gaffer Tape is meant to blend in on stage floors, this Blue Gaffer Tape does the opposite and will offer clear floor tape markings for set purposes. It’s a great solution for actor and directional marks on a production stage.

Blue Gaffer Tape Stands Out

Our Beveled Edge Blue 2" Gaffer Tape is easy to apply to stage floors with its overhanging liner and comes up when no longer needed, without leaving a sticky residue behind. Unlike most other gaffer tapes, you won’t have to spend time cleaning adhesive off the floor when you remove our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape. If you need a wider tape, try our 4" Blue Gaffer Tape.