Blue 4-inch Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


Our blue 4 inch gaffer tape is an easy-to-see floor marking solution for sets and stages with heavy foot traffic.

No one will complain they can’t see their mark if you’re using our Beveled Edge Blue 4-inch Gaffer Tape. Wider than our 2” wide Blue Gaffer Tape, our 4” wide Blue Gaffer Tape comes on the same 100ft. roll and offers an easy-to-see tool for marking sets and stages.

Durable Blue 4-inch Gaffer Tape gets the job done

Manufactured in-house using our patented design of beveled edges and a recessed adhesive, this Blue 4-inch Gaffer Tape will stay where you put it. Our Blue 4-inch Gaffer Tape is easy to apply to floors and easy to take up when you need to change marks on the floor. Don’t spend time struggling to change your gaffer tape marks and cleaning up the left-behind sticky residue. Our Beveled Edge Blue Gaffer Tape will save you time and money with its easy application and removal.