CABLES HERE 2" Gaffer Tape 100ft. - Beveled Edge


The "Cables Here" 2" gaffer tape makes sure everyone knows to step carefully and beware of cables taped to floor.

Like characters in a stage production, exactly how you want your gaffer tape to be noticed can vary depending on the role it’s playing. Sometimes you want your gaffer tape to blend in, and sometimes you want your tape to be seen clearly. Our Beveled Edge 2" gaffer tape with the “Cables Here” repeating message ensures your employees know where the cables are.

Repeating Messages On Our Popular Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape

Our Beveled Edge "Cables Here" 2" Gaffer Tape uses our patented design that offers the industry’s best adhesive design, capable of withstanding equipment and foot traffic. Use our popular 2” Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape with repeated messages, like “CABLES HERE” to keep your production area safe and efficient.