CABLES HERE Gaffer Tape - 4" x 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This "Cables Here" gaffer tape is perfect for marking movie & photography sets, as well as theater stages to make sure cables are clearly visible and don't end up causing injury.

Make sure your employees aren't getting injured or slowing down production by tripping over cables on the floor with our 4” Beveled Edge "Cables Here" Gaffer Tape. This wider size is popular and gets the job done when trying to organize cables and keep employees safe from trips and falls. The “Cables Here” repeating message clearly alerts employees of possible hazards and reminds them to be extra careful.

Beveled Edge Keeps Printed Gaffer Tape in Place

Clearly marking where cables are laid on a set is one part of the solution. Making sure the identifying gaffer tape stays in place is another part of the solution. Our Beveled Edge Cables Here Gaffer Tape has the durability qualities that will keep the tape in place throughout a long production period. This Repeating Message Gaffer Tape is made for industrial traffic and built to withstand heavy duty traffic.