FLY HERE 4" Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This "Fly Here" 4" gaffer tape is ideal for marking movie sets and stages to keep actors on point for action.

Our repeating message Fly Here Gaffer Tape makes sure your message is clear. Have you ever used a floor marking gaffer tape and wished you could put a message on the tape, to make sure everyone knew what the mark meant? There will be no confusion with this 4-inch gaffer tape – actors will know where to stand for a flying stunt.

Beveled Edge keeps Gaffer Tape on the floor

Our premium Beveled Edge Fly Here Gaffer Tape is designed to withstand heavy traffic in industrial settings and will be the most durable tape you’ll find to use on stage and studio productions. Our tape resists scraping from equipment rolling or riding over top of it, in addition to heavy foot traffic. The Beveled Edge Fly Here Gaffer Tape comes in both 2-inch and 4-inch widths.