Green Gaffer Tape - 2" x 100' - Beveled Edge


This Green 2-inch Gaffer Tape makes floor markings easy to see on stage or set.

Our 2-inch Gaffer Tape can be used for multiple purposes and comes in a 100ft. roll. This is our premium gaffer tape product, featuring a unique beveled edge, and is built to last as long as your production needs it.

Durable Beveled Edges Keep 2-inch Gaffer Tape in Place

Manufactured in-house using our patented design of beveled edges and a recessed adhesive, our Green Gaffer Tape won’t be coming up until you pull it up. This 2-inch Gaffer Tape is easy to apply on multiple surfaces and easy to remove without residue when you need to change the marks. Our Beveled Edge Green Gaffer Tape will offer multiple solutions for your floor marking needs, on the stage or backstage.