Grey 4-inch Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


Our grey 4-inch gaffer tape is ideal for all kinds of floor markings on studio and live production stages.

This Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape comes in a wider-than-usual size of 4” x 100’ roll. This Gaffer Tape features a beveled edge and was originally designed for use in industrial settings. The quality of our tape and unique design make it more durable than any other gaffer tape on the market.

Multi-purpose Gray Gaffer Tape

The neutral gray color of this floor tape makes it useful for many stage productions, either on the stage or backstage. Whether you’re bundling wires and cables or marking a spot, this Beveled Edge Gray 4-inch Gaffer Tape will get the job done – the first time. When you’re ready to remove the gaffer tape, it easily pulls up, leaving no sticky residue behind.