Orange 2" Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This orange 2" gaffer tape is the perfect floor marking solution for making highly visible marks on a movie set or stage.

Orange is the new black! Great for marking stages, our Beveled Edge Orange Gaffer Tape offers a great visual cue tool for stage or studio productions. While black gaffer tape blends in to most stages, sometimes you want a mark to be more obvious. Our orange gaffer tape is the perfect solution.

Easy to Find Marks with Orange 2" Gaffer Tape

Whether you’re marking a standing spot on the stage, or wanting to alert employees or a spot to step over backstage, our Beveled Edge Orange 2" Gaffer Tape is a great solution. Available in 2-inch and 4-inch widths, this premium gaffer tape will be in demand on your sets. Order multiple rolls to make sure you don’t run out.