Orange 2-inch Gaffer Tape, 90 ft. - Reinforced


Our reinforced orange 2-inch gaffer tape is available in various colors and ideal for use on movie sets and theater stages.

Stop-Painting's Reinforced Orange 2-inch Gaffer Tape is a 20 ml woven rubber tape, available in 4" width as well. While this tape isn’t as long-lasting and durable as our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape products, Stop-Painting’s Orange 2-inch Gaffer Tape is strong and cost effective for stage and studio productions. Available in a variety of colors, the orange gaffer tape is great as a general purpose resource on sets, as well as a great marking tape.

Use Orange 2-inch Gaffer Tape for Many Purposes

Whether you need to mark a stage, label an exit, bind up cables or repair a set piece, our Reinforced Gaffer Tape is able to meet your needs. This floor tape is a highly useful option for theatre stages, photography and movie sets, live shows and concerts and more.