Orange 4-Inch Gaffer Tape, 100ft. Roll - Beveled Edge


Our orange 4-inch gaffer tape is great for making eye-catching floor markings capable of withstanding heavy industrial traffic.

If you want a gaffer tape to draw attention, our 4-inch Orange Gaffer Tape will do the trick. Whether you’re marking a hazard or wanting a stage mark to be highly visible, this orange gaffer tape gets the job done. Our Beveled Edge Orange Gaffer tape is designed to withstand industrial traffic and won’t come up when equipment rides or rolls over it.

See the Difference in our Beveled Edge 4-inch Gaffer Tape

Unlike other gaffer tapes, our 4-inch Gaffer Tape provides a “ramp” for equipment to ride over, rather than letting the floor tape be scraped up from heavy traffic. The recessed adhesive and durable PVC material the gaffer tape is made out of keep our Beveled Edge Orange Gaffer Tape on the floor, and not in the trash can.