Orange Gaffer Tape - 4" x 90 ft. - Reinforced


This orange gaffer tape is perfect for handling heavy foot traffic on movie sets and theater stages.

Stop-Painting’s Orange Gaffer Tape is a useful floor and stage marking product and resource to have at your movie, TV, or photography set, live stage or concert hall. As part of our Reinforced Gaffer Tape collection, it’s made of a durable 20ml woven rubber material which makes it appropriate for heavy foot traffic. If you need an orange gaffer tape that can withstand more equipment traffic, check out our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape collection here.

The Better to See You

Our 4” Orange Gaffer Tape is a popular size with clients because it offers more adhesive surface to use when marking or repairing on sets. The wider size tape makes sure your visual cue is seen. Orange Gaffer Tape is also available in a 2” size.