Pavement Markings

In busy parking lots or roadways, visual cues keep pedestrians, drivers and roadworkers safe and make sure traffic is moving in an efficient and organized manner.

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Stop-Painting offers a broad range of pavement marking solutions, including temporary pavement tapes, parking lot tapes and permanent highway tapes. Our removable pavement tapes come in five unique grades designed for a range of uses with light to medium traffic volume. Our removable parking tape is ideal for use during short- and long-term road construction.

Our selection of parking lot tapes includes an affordable, economical grade parking lot tape that's ideal for parking lot striping. We also offer a durable-grade parking lot tape that features anti-skid and reflective particles, making it well-suited for parking lots with a medium volume of traffic. Our permanent highway tape is our most heavy-duty traffic tape and provides exceptional durability in heavy traffic volume environments -- especially on highways and at intersections.

Also part of our pavement marking product collection is our cost-effective and easy to install rumble strips; our temporary and permanent pavement signs which come as adhesives, stencils or reflective signs; a line of pavement marking paint.

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