Permanent Pavement Tapes

Eliminate costs and maintenance with Stop-Painting's huge selection of high-quality pavement tapes and symbols. Our economical pavement tapes and parking lot tapes are made with a flexible rubber base, glass beads, and an anti-skid aggregate to provide exceptional reflectivity and durability on any parking lot, crosswalk or bike lane. These pavement marking tapes are also quicker, easier, and cleaner to apply than traditional paint. They can be applied by hand without blocking off traffic or pedestrians for drying time.

Stop-Painting also carries a large selection of durable pavement symbols and signs, including paint-free ADA handicap parking decals, fire lane decals, bike lane markers, and much more. These highly visible, non-fade road decals are constructed from durable rubber that's 15 times thicker than standard paint and can be easily installed without equipment. Stop-Painting also carries traditional parking lot and traffic symbol stencils for painted-on application.

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