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Try pavement marking tape and see how easy it can be to mark parking lots without paint. Painting is messy and requires a lot of tools and equipment, plus it does not last very long when compared to pavement marking tape. Another advantage of using pavement marking tape is that there is no downtime. When painting lots, one always has to consider the inconvenience of the area being closed while the paint dries. Pavement marking tape eliminates this downtime, which makes property owners happy.  

Our pavement marking tape is designed to mark asphalt or concrete parking lots. Our 4" x 150' parking lot striping tape is reflective and anti-skid, and comes in four highly visible colors. This durable tape is easy to install and requires no special equipment. Pavement marking tape is typically 15 times thicker than normal parking lot paint and features an aggressive, anti-slip, top coating which prevents accidents. The pavement marking tape's proprietary adhesive and reflective top coating ensure that the lines will remain in place and be highly visible for years. 

Size: 4 inches wide by 150 feet long. Other sizes available upon request.

Color: Available in white, yellow, red, and blue. Other colors available upon request.

*Please note, red and blue are specialty colors, please call our office for current availability*

Features: Reflective, anti-slip top coating and proprietary adhesive system.

Easy 4 Step Installation

    • SWEEP
    • PRIME
    • TAMP

Notes on primer application: Primer (sold separately) should be applied in a thin coat, allowed to dry for approximately five minutes, until tacky to the touch. Can be applied with a roller or brush, with excess primer removed from the brush before application. One gallon of primer is necessary for every 200 square feet of tape. One roll of 4" x 150' Parking Lot Striping Tape covers 50 square feet so one gallon of primer is sufficient for approximately 4 rolls of tape.  

Installation Recommendations: For best results in permanent applications, use our primer to adhere tape to pavement. Use our pavement marking tape applicator for a quick and easy installation. 

Free samples of Parking Lot Striping Tape are available, please call 1-866-284-1541 to request your sample.

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