5S Software

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Kick up your 5S methodology implementation with our powerful and effective selection of some of the top 5S software. These innovative, easy-to-use tools allow you to record, analyze, track, manage, communicate and share your 5S strategies, including kaizen, red tagging and lean manufacturing methods. The software comes with all the additional tools you need to manage and control your company-wide 5S program.

Designed specifically to help you manage and record your 5S red tagging activities, our highly effective Red Tagging Set allows users to easily record data to help you efficiently track and share results with other departments. This 5S red tagging software is essential for large-scale manufacturing and processing environments that use the 5S method. At Stop-Painting, we also offer useful lean manufacturing software that is designed to help users at all levels record and share ideas and solutions.

In addition to 5S software, we also carry a broad selection of 5S equipment and tools, like our custom-printed Superior Mark Floor Tape and 5S floor signs.
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