Brooms and Brushes

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Keep your workplace neat and tidy with our huge selection of workplace brooms and brushes. Made by top commercial cleaning brands like Vikan, these brushes and brooms offer advanced features made from top-quality materials like polypropylene, PET and polyester. Choose from soft-bristled brooms for dry or narrow areas and stiff-bristled brooms for use in wet and external environments. Varying constructions make these commercial brooms ideal for sweeping up fine particles and larger debris alike.

Our assortment of high-quality hand brushes and scrub brushes are great for more detailed cleaning applications. Featuring super durable, grip-enhancing handles and specialized bristles, these brushes are constructed to handle any kind of job. We carry everything ranging from ergonomic utility brushes and soft scrub brushes to flexible handle tube brushes and hand-guarded brushes. You'll also find food service brushes, including pastry brushes and baker's brushes, in our assortment.
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