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Our industrial broom and squeegee handles are made from high-quality, sensible materials that are designed to make on-the-job cleaning and maintenance easier than ever. Made by top cleaning supply manufacturers like Vikan, these reliable tools can be used in any facility that requires a clean, safe and easily navigable workspace, especially in environments that have implemented 5S methodology. We carry fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum broom handles in a wide variety of different sizes.

If you're looking for a squeegee or broom handle that's designed specifically for sweeping away dirt, dust or cobwebs from high walls and corners, try our telescopic aluminum handle that conveniently extends to up to 108.5 inches in length. We also offer non-adjustable Vikan handles in lengths ranging from 25.6 inches to 67 inches for sweeping or squeegeeing away debris. Explore our selection of heavy-duty brooms and brushes to find the right attachment to pair with these coordinating handles.
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