Number Stencils

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Stop-Painting's high-quality number stencils are recommended for a broad range of uses, including marking parking space numbers, storage areas and loading zones. Constructed from long-lasting materials like brass and polyethylene plastic in two duties, these pieces are designed to retain their shape and quality use after use. We carry number stencil kits as well as individual number stencils in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 96 inches high. Use our self-adhesive floor signs and pavement marking signs as an alternative to stenciling and painting.

Our polyethylene plastic stencils come in two thickness options: 1/16'' and 1/8''. If you expect to reuse your stencils time and time again, we recommend opting for the 1/8'' option. Brass number stencils are also a long-lasting and reusable option that leaves behind clean, crisp characters use after use. Shop our selection of letter stencils if you need words or phrases to accompany your numbers.
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