Safety Tags

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Our OSHA-compliant safety tags are an essential component to accident prevention for any workplace with hazardous conditions. These reusable safety tags allow employers, managers or inspectors to post clear, nonpermanent messages to employees until the identified hazard or hazardous operation is eliminated. We carry "Hands Off" and "Do Not Touch" safety tags in addition to safety tags warning employees of dangerous conditions like high pressure, high voltage and live wires.

Our OSHA safety tags are reusable and can be written on with permanent markers and then erased using denatured alcohol. These tags are designed to hold up in rugged conditions and are resistant to water, saltwater, steam, abrasions and chemicals. They're constructed using a patent-pending molding process to ensure extreme durability. Each sign meets stringent ANSI, ASTM and OSHA safety sign and health codes. Pair these tags with safety signs or safety floor signs to warn employees of ongoing hazards.