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Street Graphics: Advertise Your Business Easily, Effectively, and Uniquely

Our street graphics, also known as street stickers or outdoor vinyl stickers, are ideal for companies who want to build and add to their customer base in a new and innovative way. By having street ads and graphics conveniently placed in busy outdoor spaces, businesses can use their promotional and advertising material to easily attract people who are nearby with messaging for your business.

Our high-quality street decals and stair graphics can be installed on any surface, including parking lots, sidewalks, train platforms, store entrances, and more. We also offer custom printed parking lines that can be used to mark the outlines of parking spaces with your branding and message. These similar but unique applications give you several different options to choose from for consistent visibility and brand recognition of your ad placement.

At Stop-Painting, our team of experts makes street graphics easy for you. We’ll help you identify your optimal target audience of potential new customers based on location or activity, and we’ll use our custom imaging process with your company's existing artwork to create highly visible street graphics. Simply install your great street graphic at your location, and before you know it, you’ll have your brand in front of many new prospects every day.

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Stop-Painting's street graphics are made with durable materials and a unique adhesive system that is very strong but is also easily removable. Our heavy duty construction means that digitally printed ground graphics and wording will withstand heavy pedestrian and motorist traffic, extreme temperatures, humidity and UV light exposure.

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