Red 2" Gaffer Tape 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This red 2" gaffer tape features our patented floor tape design with beveled edge & recessed adhesive, made to withstand heavy duty traffic.

Make sure your mark is seen with our Beveled Edge Red Gaffer Tape. Sometimes you want your mark to blend in, and sometimes you need it to stand out. Our red Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape is meant to stand out and stay in place. Using our unique and patented floor tape design, our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape will stay where you place it until you pull it up.

Red 2" Gaffer Tape Offers Bold Floor Marks

Many stage productions use 2" red gaffer tape to mark stage cues and our Beveled Edge Red Gaffer Tape is a great solution if you’re tired of having to replace tape all the time. Our gaffer tape is easily cleaned off with a damp cloth and can withstand heavy traffic, even equipment traffic. The red 2" gaffer tape is also available in a wider 4” variety.