WATCH YOUR STEP Gaffer Tape - 4" x 100ft. - Beveled Edge


Employees will be safer and production will stay on schedule with our 4” Beveled Edge Watch Your Step Tape.

Visual safety cues with Repeating Messages are more effective at preventing accidents than plain Gaffer Tape with no message. Directing employees to “Watch Your Step” with durable and easy to apply gaffer tape can effectively direct those in the hazardous area to take extra care when walking through a location.

Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape Enhances Durability

Our Beveled Edge Watch Your Step Tape uses our unique and patented design that allows the gaffer tape to resist scraping from heavy foot or equipment traffic. We manufacture this product in-house ourselves and we offer the most durable floor tape on the market. It’s easy to apply and pull up. Add repeating messages to your gaffer tape and keep employees safe.