White 2-inch Gaffer Tape, 90ft. - Reinforced


Our White 2-Inch Gaffer Tape is a 20 ml woven rubber tape that serves as a cost effective floor marking solution for stage productions.

Stop-Painting's Reinforced White 2-inch Gaffer Tape is a 20 ml woven rubber tape. While this tape isn’t as long-lasting and durable as our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape products, this white gaffer tape is quite durable and cost effective for stage productions. Available in a variety of colors, the 2” White Gaffer Tape is one of our most popular gaffer tape products for general purpose marking and repairs.

White Gaffer Tape Provides Many Solutions

Our White 2-inch Gaffer Tape is multi-talented and can be used to bind up cables or wire, repair a set piece, mark a stage exit or mark the stage. As part of our Reinforced Gaffer Tape collection, this White Gaffer Tape is able to meet your stage and set production needs.