White 4-inch Gaffer Tape, 100ft. - Beveled Edge


This white 4-inch gaffer tape is highly visible and easy to clean, perfect for marking busy sets and stages.

Our Beveled Edge White Gaffer Tape comes in a 4” width and is perfect for marking your sets and stages in an easy-to-see bright white. All colors in our Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape Collection are easy to clean, but this is especially important in keeping your white gaffer tape scuff free. Our Beveled Edge White 4-inch Gaffer Tape is durable and has an overhanging liner that makes it really easy to apply to floors.

Beveled Edge Gaffer Tape is Better

Our Beveled Edge 4” Gaffer Tape is better than competing gaffer tapes. This superior gaffer tape is patented and designed to withstand traffic in an industrial setting and will outlast competing tapes in any production setting. Productions love to use our tape because it’s so easy to apply and pull up when you’re done. Our Beveled Edge White Gaffer Tape doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the floor when floor marking needs change.