White Gaffer Tape - 4" x 90' - Reinforced


This 4" reinforced white gaffer tape is made with 20 mils thick durable woven rubber tape, and perfect for marking movie and photography sets, as well as concerts and stages.

Our wider White Gaffer Tape comes in a useful 4” width which makes marks more easily visible, and aids in repairing sets. It can even be a useful tool for creating sets. All of our Reinforced Gaffer Tape comes in 90 ft. rolls, making it cost-effective to purchase multiple rolls.

White Gaffer Tape is perfect for use on Sets and Stages

This White Gaffer Tape is part of Stop-Painting's Reinforced Gaffer Tape collection and made of a durable 20 ml woven rubber tape. It’s easy to apply and just as easy to remove in case you need to change marks on your movie, photography or concert set. Many clients also use it as an all-purpose tape on sets and for backstage repairs. Our white gaffer tape also comes in a 2-inch width.