Yellow and Black Stripe Gaffer Tape - 2" x 100' - Beveled Edge


This yellow and black stripe gaffer tape is a great way to draw attention to hazardous floor areas on stage and backstage.

With attention-grabbing colors of yellow and black, our premium gaffer tape is designed to keep your employees safe in unsafe work areas. Our 2” width Hazard Yellow/Black Gaffer floor tape is just the right size to draw attention to areas where extra care should be taken.

Perfect for Changing Floor Tape Needs

Our Beveled Edge Hazard Yellow/Black Gaffer Tape is the best solution for those that may have changing floor tape needs. Beveled Edge Hazard Yellow/Black Gaffer Tape comes up easily and leaves no sticky residue on the floor upon removal. When your set, stage or work area changes, Beveled Edge Hazard Gaffer Tape is easy to pull up and you can quickly apply a new segment when a new hazardous area pops up. We can customize colors if needed.