Yellow Gaffer Tape - 4" x 100' - Beveled Edge


Get this 4-inch yellow gaffer tape to quickly and easily mark areas of your warehouse for added safety to help avoid accidents.

This wider sized Beveled Edge Yellow Gaffer Tape comes in a 4” wide roll and is useful for marking areas for safety, as well as to bind together cables and wires to keep pathways clear. Made of a patented material and design we manufacture in-house, our yellow gaffer tape is designed to be durable, easy to apply and easy to remove when you need to change your marks.

Easy To Apply, Easy to Remove

Our Yellow Gaffer Tape has a blue overhanging liner that easily peels as you apply the tape, making it simple to use. When your production is done or you need to change marks, our beveled edge gaffer tape is easily pulled up and doesn’t leave behind a gunky, sticky residue on the floor or stage. The 4” Beveled Edge Yellow Gaffer Tape is a great tool to have backstage, with many, many uses!