GHS Secondary Labels, Roll of 100

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InSite Solutions Exclusive - New OSHA Compliant GHS Labels

This is an easy system for labeling chemicals after migrating to secondary containers. This system includes access to a video presentation that explains the new OSHA requirements.

Special Bonus: To help our customers comply with these new regulations, we are offering a handbook that outlines your company's labeling system. We will send you a document that you can fill in your company's name, and simply print it out! This is only available for paid customers who have purchased our GHS Secondary Labels. To receive this document, simply reply to your order confirmation email and request it.

Each roll contains 100 labels.

  • Small (measures 3 1/2 inch H by 2 1/4 inch W)
  • Large (measures 4 inch H by 3 inch W)

This label makes it easy to translate the NFPA and/or HMIS language into the GHS label.

  • Simply use the chemical's primary label and mark the blank secondary label accordingly.
  • Features a checkbox for each of the pictograms that represent each hazard.
  • When chemicals are transferred (or 'migrated') from their primary container to a secondary container, then employees are required to properly label the secondary container.
  • Use a fine point sharpie marker to mark the labels with the appropriate safety information.

Our labels are a quick and easy way to comply with this OSHA regulation. Please Note: Typical lead time to ship this item is 5-7 business days.


Q: Do your labels meet current OSHA requirements?
A: Our labels, when used according to our instructions, comply with OSHA standards. 
Q: How do I mark the appropriate pictogram? 

A: You can use one of several methods. One of the best ways is to blacken out unessential pictograms that are not relevant. You can use a chisel tip marker or other methods. You may also use the checkbox to mark an "x" on the appropriate pictogram. Or, draw an outline encircling the pictogram. Just be careful not to mark over the red border or the icon in the pictogram.   

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