GHS Secondary Labels, Roll of 100

$213.50 - $427.00

InSite Solutions Exclusive - New OSHA Compliant GHS Labels

This is an easy system for labeling chemicals after migrating to secondary containers. This system includes access to a video presentation that explains the new OSHA requirements.

Special Bonus: To help our customers comply with these new regulations, we are offering a Written Hazard Communication Program. When you order our GHS Secondary Labels, you'll receive a follow-up email that includes an editable document that you can use - just fill in your company's name, and simply print it out! This is only available for paid customers who have purchased our GHS Secondary Labels.

Each roll contains 100 labels:

  • Small (measures 3 1/2 inch H by 2 1/4 inch W)
  • Large (measures 4 inch H by 3 inch W)

This label makes it easy to translate the NFPA and/or HMIS language into the GHS label.

  • Simply use the chemical's primary label and mark the blank secondary label accordingly.
  • Features a checkbox for each of the pictograms that represent each hazard.
  • When chemicals are transferred (or 'migrated') from their primary container to a secondary container, then employees are required to properly label the secondary container.
  • Use a fine point sharpie marker to mark the labels with the appropriate safety information.

Our labels are a quick and easy way to comply with this OSHA regulation.

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