SDS (Safety Data Sheets) Binder-English Only

$20.80 - $30.20
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SDS (Safety Data Sheets) Binder

SDS Binders are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way using products that are green and support sustainability goals.


Material: 100% post consumer poly materials

Size: 12" x 10.75"


  • Binders are constructed from 100% post consumer poly materials and are easily visible with their bright red/white colors.
  • The SDS binders are extremely durable, chemical resistant, easy to clean and almost impossible to rip or tear.
  • They contain a heavy duty ring assembly which is available in three different sizes.

Size Options:

  • 1.5 in. Ring (up to 300 sheets)
  • 2.5 in. Ring (up to 500 sheets)
  • 3 in. Ring (up to 600 sheets)


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