5S & Lean Resources

Use Lean and 5S to guide your employees to productive workflows.

Implementing Lean and/or 5S protocols in your warehouse, plant, distribution center or workshop is one way to increase productivity.

Whether you're looking for ideas on how to start implementing a Lean work space or facility or are looking for a way to take your current designs to another level, we've got products that can help. As advocates for the visual workplace and Lean and 5S initiatives, we've gathered together some of our best information here to help you navigate the path to continuous improvement and high productivity.

Our passion for this topic shows in the caliber and substance of our information we invite you to pull from, below. In fact, many of our products are designed and developed specifically to help companies that are striving to implement Lean practices. All are aimed at helping our clients provide a visually instructive workplace which increases efficiency and safety for employees. We want our clients to go beyond the status quo and utilize products that convey the best messages to guide employees to the most productive and efficient workflow.

Still looking for more information? Play our innovative online game to learn the basics of 5S and Lean in a fun, interactive way.

The most important part of Lean and 5S practices is "continuous improvement" and "sustain." This means there is still work to do after you've designed your workplace and implemented new workflows. The Kaizen cart is a vital tool in keeping your workplace productive. See how our Kaizan cart offers easy access to maintenance and repair resources.