Speed Bumps

Speed bumps and speed humps are simple, affordable traffic control solutions to help slow traffic in roadways, parking lots, or crosswalks. Although similar, speed bumps and speed humps have different purposes: Speed bumps use a steeper grade to slow vehicles to 2 to 5 MPH, whereas speed humps are wider and used to slow traffic to 10 to 16 MPH. We offer both speed bumps and speed humps made from recycled plastic, recycled rubber, and other high-quality, durable materials. Removable speed bumps are an ideal, temporary solution for slowing traffic where only needed periodically—such as in roadways during busy commute times or in school zones—and they fold down to fit into a convenient canvas carrying case for easy transportation. We also carry recycled plastic speed bump kits in a variety of size options, as well as single speed bumps that feature built-in reflective markings.

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