Traffic Barricades

Control traffic patterns and alert drivers of closed and off-limits areas using our high-quality traffic barricades. Choose from reflective plastic barricades - orange and white traffic barricades with connectors for one or two flashing lights - and A-Frame barricades that feature two A-shaped supports and a reflective, striped crossbeam. Our folding traffic barricades collapse for easy transport and storage. We also offer plastic I-beam barricades, expandable barricades and type III barricades. 

Our reflective traffic barricades come in one of three duties, including engineer grade, high-intensity grade and diamond grade. Diamond grade barricades are the most reflective, with an 800-candlepower reflectivity, while engineer grade barricades are the lowest, at 75-candlepower. Stop-Painting also offers a selection of traffic barricade accessories and tools, such as barricade lights, rubber bases, nuts, bolts and more. Shop our selection of traffic cones for additional road safety options.

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