5S & Lean Stencils

Our selection of 5S stencils are easy to apply on almost any surface — from interior flooring to pavement materials like concrete and asphalt — and designed for use in warehouses, industrial facilities, and factories to communicate workplace safety precautions. They also alert employees, visitors, and others to keep various areas in your facility clear and organized. 5S stencils can also be used outside on parking lots and garages to keep drivers safe and traffic running smoothly.

We carry arrow stencils, footprint stencils, dot marker stencils, and pallet alignment stencils. All are made of polyethylene plastic that’s 1/8'' or 1/16” thick, making them durable, reusable, and easy to clean. Aerosol paint or paint sprayer are recommended with 5S stencils, but other effective paints include oil and latex.

Our stencils are a long-lasting, economical solution to maintaining efficiency, safety, and productivity in any facility.


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