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A gobo disc is a virtual sign template that displays any image or text via a projector—even in hard-to-reach areas or on challenging surfaces. When a gobo template is placed into a projector, the light passing through the lens casts the desired image—and this is where the acronym 'gobo' originates, meaning 'Goes Before Optics.' Vitrual signs work on a variety of surfaces, including walls and flooring, making gobo projections an effective alternative to standard industrial signage in your warehouse. When safety requirements, messaging needs, or warehouse workflows change, simply swap the disc in your projector to display a new sign. Gobo templates are also a popular method of advertising in retail locations and malls, as promotions and messages can be updated in moments. We carry a variety of virtual sign projectors designed for your preferred image sizes and lumination to ensure crisp, clear images.


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