5S & Lean Signs

Implement an effective 5S strategy with our high-quality 5S signs. These signs are specifically designed to help you heighten the "set in order" stage of the 5S methodology by keeping your facility well-organized from the ground up. Floor marking can help define processes and cells in the 5S value stream and ensure that employees can quickly identify the facility's flow of work. All of our 5S signs follow the 5S color code guide for enhanced organization and identification. 

We carry 5S equipment floor signs, including forklift, cart and pallet jack signs, as well as floor signs designed to clearly mark garbage and recycling areas. We also offer equipment and supply floor signs to help you clearly designate where hand trucks, bubble wrap, cardboard, scales and other materials are stored. All of our 5S floor signs come in 40-mil rubber (medium-duty) or permanent inlaid (heavy-duty) options.

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