Virtual Signs Selector

A gobo projector allows you to display virtual signage inside your warehouse. It’s an effective way to alert your employees to areas that need extra caution. Unlike printed signage, gobo projection is not limited by the space in your facility. It works on a variety of surfaces, including walls and flooring.

Our gobo light projectors are easy to handle. They produce clear, legible images. We carry a full line of gobo projectors for interior warehouse operations. They offer low wattage, flexibility, and superior image quality. The right gobo projector plays a key role in the clarity and brightness of your signage. Find a gobo projector to meet your warehouse needs based on desired projection distance, size, and lumination.

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Filter results based on your facility’s specific needs to find the right virtual sign. Make your selections from the dropdown menus for:

  • Mounting height
  • Image projection size
  • Current lighting conditions

Any items matching your criteria will be displayed. Mounting heights available between 10 to 100 feet and maximum projection sizes from 3 through 18 feet. Refer to the brightness guide to determine if the sign provides adequate lumens of power for a clear, easy-to-see image for intended use.

Note: Some combinations may not produce results—adjust your selection to display available products.


Mounting Height:

Image Projection:

Current Lighting Conditions:

Brightness Guide:

  • Low: 0.18
  • Ok: 0.3
  • High Impact: 0.5
  • Very High: 1


2000 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 4 Ft


2400 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 6 Ft


7000 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 8 Ft


7200 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 8 Ft


12000 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 13 ft


20000 Luminous Projector - Virtual Sign Max 18 ft