Eye Wash Floor Marking Kit - Incl. 3 pc. White Bkgd / Blue Border (2") and 17.5" Sign

$50.32 - $73.90
Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664.

Mark it! Our Eye Wash Station floor marking kit is an excellent Lean and 5S solution for making it clear where to find emergency eye wash equipment.

Make your work facility safer and more efficient by using Lean and 5S visual cues. Eye wash stations are critical equipment in factories and industrial warehouses that use potentially dangerous chemicals or that have flying dust and other debris. To keep workers safe and comply with OSHA safety regulations, we have our Eye Wash Station floor tape marking sign and border kit. The rubber or vinyl floor sign and 3-piece printed border clearly mark the location of the eye wash station and it also keeps the area unobstructed so that people can access it quickly in the event of an emergency.

The rubber eye wash tapes in our border kits are made from our own Superior Mark® floor tape, specially designed to outperform other brands of floor tape.

Pre-cut Floor Marking tape kits includes

  • (1) 36" strips
  • (1) 24" center strip
  • (1) floor sign
  • puzzle cut edges that seamlessly fit together to form a box shape on the floor. 

All kits are made-to-order and are not returnable.

Installation Recommendations: This floor marking tape can be installed in just a few minutes by simply:

  1. Cleaning the floor with alcohol. Let the alcohol based cleaner dry completely, then mark a guide to ensure proper alignment.
  2. Peel and stick down middle section of the box.
  3. Align puzzle cut edges and stick down one side of the box.
  4. Align the third strip to complete the box.
  5. Peel and stick down floor sign.

Width: 2 inches
Thickness: 32 mils
Material: Tape - PVC, Sign - Rubber
Adhesive: Tape - Pressure sensitive recessed adhesive, Sign - strong butyl adhesive