Fire Extinguisher Floor Marking Kit - Incl. 3 pc. Red Bkgd / White Border (2") and 17.5" Sign - Rubber


Printed Fire Extinguisher Floor Marking Border Kit - Includes Sign and Border

Make it clear! Our Lean and 5S floor markings offer tools for your organization needs. Improve productivity and safety when you use our Lean and 5S products.

OSHA requires that the area directly in front of fire extinguishers be kept completely clear, and it cannot be used for storage. The best way to ensure compliance is to mark the edges of that area clearly. Our Superior Mark® printed floor tape along with a brightly colored rubber floor sign is easy to install and effective. specializes in Superior Mark® brand floor marking tape, which is what we use for the 3-sided printed border. The printed tape has a puzzle cut miter for quick and seamless installation. This floor marking kit helps companies comply with OSHA Regulation 1910.157(c)(1), stating that fire extinguishers must be readily accessible without the chance of injury. Marking the floor keeps that space clear so extinguishers are highly visible.

Kit (Includes Rubber Floor Sign & Pre-cut border kit made from Superior Mark® tape)

Installation Recommendations: This floor marking tape can be installed in just a few minutes by simply:

  • Cleaning the floor with alcohol. Let the alcohol based cleaner dry completely, then mark a guide to ensure proper alignment.
  • Peel and stick down middle section of the box.
  • Align puzzle cut edges and stick down one side of the box.
  • Align the third strip to complete the box.
  • Peel and stick down floor sign.

Pre-cut Floor Marking tape kit comes with:

  • Two 36" strips of Superior Mark®.
  • One 24" center strip of Superior Mark®.
  • Puzzle cut edges that seamlessly fit together to form a box shape on the floor.
  • Rubber floor sign

OSHA mandates that the area in front of fire extinguishers cannot be used for storage. Make sure that this area is kept clear at all times by clearly marking the edges of the space. Superior Mark® combined with floor signs make the message crystal clear. Pre-cut boxes are made with Superior Mark® brand floor marking tape, which features beveled edges and recessed adhesive for maximum durability. Pre-cut floor marking boxes are available in any size, and floor signs can be custom printed any size, shape, or design.

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