Stand Here Floor Sign - 4" x 12"

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Provide visual cues with these Stand Here Floor Signs that encourage customers to practice social distancing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends social distancing as a way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent illness: Help keep your customers and employees healthy with these "Stand Here" Floor Signs that encourage everyone to stop the spread by flattening the curve. Display safer queuing distances by spacing these floor signs at least 6 feet apart to follow CDC standards. Use social distancing floor tape to display the appropriate distance at checkout lanes, in shopping aisles, at customer service counters, and throughout the building.

These red floor signs stand out against any floor color, and easy-to-read "STAND HERE" text is printed in white for better visibility. It's easy to apply these durable floor signs—simply clean the floor, peel, and stick. Each 4-inch by 12-inch floor sign stands up to floor cleaning chemicals and machines.

Covid-19 items are made to order and non returnable