Removable Plastic Road Reflector 4" x 2.25"

$2.59 - $5.90

This road reflector, also called a raised pavement marker, features 1.3 square inches (8.4 sq. cm) of reflective area per side. Designed for use in construction zones and as a permanent Edge Line Marker.

This road reflector measures approximately 3/4" x 4" x 2", is made of plastic, and is available with one or two sides reflective.

Features of the different installation methods:

  • BUTYL PAD INSTALLATION: This method is the most common method of installation. Butyl pads are sold as individual precut squares, commonly in 4 in. or 8 in. sizes. The butyl pads are composed of a double sided adhesion compound, which involves a simple peel and stick theory of installation. **It is not recommended to install Plastic Pavement Markers to a wet or damp surface. For best results install to a clean and dry area. Butyl Pads = $1.20/each
  • TWO PART EPOXY INSTALLATION: This method consists of 2 part epoxy kits A & B. Each 1 qt container should install approximately 25 four inch Pavement Markers and the 1 gal container should install approximately 75-100 four inch Pavement Markers. It is recommended that you follow the instructions for installation as detailed by the manufacturer as noted on the epoxy kits. **Please call when ordering epoxy kits to see if HAZMAT fees apply to your shipping location. Epoxy = $0.93/each
  • BITUMINOUS ADHESIVE: This method is also referred to as QwikDots. This method is the most cost efficient form of installation when installing 4 in. Plastic Pavement Markers in excess of 230 pieces. This material is available in 4 in. widths in one continuous 150 in. piece. Much like the butyl pads this is a double sided adhesion compound; however this method of application would involve cutting each piece to the desired size. Bituminous = $0.51/each when installing 450 pieces.

Size: 4" x 2.25"
Shell Color: Yellow and White
Installation Recommendations: Road reflectors can be installed in a variety of methods, and we offer several products that can be used to adhere to reflectors to paved surfaces. Choose between our epoxy kits, butyl pads, bituminous adhesive.