Last Mark Floor Tape


Make a Mark! Looking for a Lean or 5S visual cue to get your facility organized and more efficient? Our Lean and 5S floor marking products are the solutions you're looking for.

Last Mark Floor Striping Tape is our economical line of high-quality floor marking tape. Made from vinyl coated polyester, this floor marking tape from is very durable and highly tear resistant. It's made with reinforced adhesive and it installs quickly. The easily removable floor tape makes it ideal for Lean and 5S Manufacturing implementations.

Choose from white, yellow, red, green, blue and orange marking tape. They're available in 90 foot rolls, either 2-inches or 4-inches wide.

Note: Orange tape is available in the 2-inch style only.

Lean and 5S floor markings increase efficiency and productivity.

Width: 2 inches or 4 inches
Length: All rolls of Last Mark floor tape measure 90' long
Material: Vinyl coated polyster
Adhesive: Reinforced adhesive