Safety Labels

Use these brightly colored safety labels to clearly mark hazards around your warehouse, factory, or industrial facility to clearly mark hazards and dangers. These easy-to-apply, self-adhesive warning labels easily fit on machinery and equipment where caution should be exercised. Our standardized designs include OSHA- and ANSI-compliant visuals featuring clear text and graphics displayed against contrasting backgrounds for quick and easy identification. We carry biohazard labels, high voltage warnings, lockout point messages, and other caution labels to warn employees of danger. Mark machinery hazards, nip or pinch points, safety equipment requirements, hands clear zones, and emergency stop shut-off switches to improve machine operation safety. When paired with floor marking tape, these industrial safety stickers can help reduce workplace accidents.

Each safety label is available in two sizes, small (3.5-inch by 2.25-inch) and large (3-inch by 4-inch), with 100 durable, peel-and-stick decals per roll for a cost-effective solution to improve facility safety. We also offer custom sizes and designs printed with any messages or graphics your facility requires.

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