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We know floor tape and floor signs. It's what we've built our business on.

As a small business, we saw a need in the industry for better floor tape and adhesive safety signs. We designed and patented a new floor tape with a beveled edge and recessed adhesive that was (and still is) unlike anything on the market today. We've conducted case studies and product tests and we're confident we have the best floor marking products on the market.

But we're more than just a floor tape manufacturer. We are advocates for visual workplaces and are passionate about helping companies achieve their Lean and 5S goals. We're entrenched in the floor marking business and have amassed a large quantity of articles, videos, infographics, articles and white papers that we're happy to share.

5S & Lean

Looking for tools to help you implement and practice Lean and 5S? We've got you covered.

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Floor Tape

We've built our business on floor marking tape. We're experts and we've got a lot to tell you.

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GHS is new but it doesn't have to be so complicated. We know how to simplify it for you.

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OSHA Guidelines

OSHA guidelines can be tough, and expensive if not met. We can help you stay compliant.

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Labels and label protectors are important to keep your facility safe, organized, efficient.

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Carpet Tape

Adhesive tape on carpet can leave a mess. Use carpet tape for clean lines and no residue.

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Visual Organization

Whether your workplace is a plant or a cubicle, visual organization leads to productivity.

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Application & Maintenance

Less needed maintenance and ease of application make our products top pick for floor tape.

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Visual instruction is what we're all about. See our inventory of videos for explanations of our products, application tips and more.

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How-To Guides

Step-by-step, we offer guides on how to get your business or facility visually organized. See how these instructions can lead to more productivity.

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We update our blog daily with industry news, Lean and 5S articles, new product information and how our clients are using our products. Check it out.

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