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See our superior floor marking products first-hand: We ship free samples to corporate locations in the United States and Canada, with no shipping cost. Whether your company is going Lean, using 5S, or just looking for a few new tools to help with organization and boost facility safety, our products offer ideal solutions. We offer a cost-effective alternative to painting industrial facility floors, and our products outlast cheap vinyl tape. With more than 300 premium-quality floor tapes, our long-lasting floor marking solutions will save you money over the long term.

We know that nothing compares to experiencing the products for yourself: With our Floor Marking Sample Box, you can see, feel, and test some of our most popular products to determine which will work best for you.

Each Floor Marking Product Sample Box includes:  

Our Free Sample Kit also includes a catalog that showcases the hundreds of other products that don’t fit in the box. If you want to try a specific product, contact us via the form above and we can create a custom sample box for you. Some popular optional Product Sample Box items include GHS labels, Superior Mark® Carpet Tape, and Superior Mark® Glow-In-The-Dark Floor Tape. Our patented design features beveled edges and a recessed, highway-grade adhesive for durability and top performance that sets the standard in industrial strength marking tape.

How to Use Our Product Sample Box

Once you’ve received your free samples, we encourage you to test Superior Mark® Floor Tape products on your floors and compare them to competing products. Our Resource Center includes details regarding conducting timed exercises to see the benefits of applying Superior Mark® Floor Tape to a floor versus painting a line. Also find helpful videos about comparison test protocols and choosing the best products to offer the solutions you need in your workplace.

We use our years as visual organization experts to teach customers how to find the best solutions and tools to make business more productive and safer for employees. Our expert consultants are always ready to help find products to meet your needs; contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 866-284-1541.

Please note: We cannot ship samples to addresses outside the U.S. through this website. Please call us to request information about international orders.